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It all begins with WATER; essential for human life and as man learned more about the beneficial properties (protection from diseases, healing and preventive properties) myths of magical virtues became wide spread.
The bottom line is that man has always searched for health and wellness in water, which throughout history is abundant with cultural and symbolic values.

The origin of the name “Spa” dates back to the Roman era. The troops found that soaking in hot, natural spring water was accepted as the best cure for war fatigue, wounds and tired muscles. Soon they begin building baths around natural hot springs. These baths were well known as ‘aquae’ while the rejuvenating treatments came to be referred to as “Sanus per Aquam” – of the SPA is taken to be an acronym. Health through water. Some others believe it comes from the Latin phrase “Sanital per Aquas” basically meaning the same. Or “spagere”, which means to scatter, sprinkle or moisten. The Belgian city of Spa, which became famous in the 14th century, since a thermal spring having curative and thermal properties was discovered there. Walloon, a dialect of people of Wallonia in south Belgium, has the word espa that means fountain.

Ancient populations like the Egyptians, Phoencians, Hebrews and Israelites were used to immersing themselves in cold and hot water and it was part of religious laws in many Oriental cultures.

It was, however, actually the Greeks who were attracted by the phenomena of thermal springs, who tried to classify them and study the various properties and how man was effected. Early Greek baths were constructed near naturally occurring hot springs of volcanoes dating back to 500 B.C. Hippocrates and Plato wrote of the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The Romans, in 25 B.C. enjoyed the use of mineral and thermal baths as social experiences and they constructed the first large-scale spa to be used by hundreds of bathers.

Moving forward to the 19th and 20th Centuries in Europe brought Bath, England into popularity. It was a very popular destination and Britain’s only hot water springs. Scientific studies have revealed over 40 different minerals in the water.

Around 1800 the interest in bathing began to be in vogue once again and further attempts continued to analyze the benefits of the mineral waters. The motivation, however, was largely medicinal.

As time progressed, throughout Europe and the Americas public spas were on the rise. Every spa resort had its own theatre, casino and promenaded besides the bathing buildings. In Germany, Austria and Belgium spas and wealth went hand-in-hand. Grand hotels arose with casinos and dancing establishments surrounding the spa resorts. They became a meeting place for the elite but also attracted painters, writers and composers finding creativity. Baden Baden (Germany) became the most glamorous resort in continental Europe.
After the American Revolution, the spa industry continued to gain popularity. The first truly popular spa was Saratoga Springs, which by 1815 had two large, four-story, Greek revival hotels. The United Stated became the center of spa innovation beginning in the 1850’s when Saratoga Springs came know as a fashionable retreat for the elite.

The first DAY SPA in American (1910-1960) was Manhattan’s Red Door Salon, introduced by Elizabeth Arden in 1910 offering manicures, facials and the signature “Arden Wax”.

Deborah Szekely created the first destination spa in Rancho La Puerta, located just south of the border in Baja, California. In 1958 she also opened the pioneering Golden Door spa in California, offering individualized weight loss and a fitness program.

Spa as Medical Treatment (1970-1997)

The first fitness spa, The Ashram, also debuted in California in 1974, brandishing a grueling weight loss/fitness regimen that was toned down and popularized by Tucson’s Canyon Ranch in 1970. By 1997, medical doctors began to introduce “medical spas,” combining Western and holistic medicine in a luxurious, spa-inspired environment alongside spa services.

Modern spas today offer a wide array of services with emphasis on wellness, aging, stress management and a greater emphasis on customized treatments for the varied needs of the client. More and more physicians are opening up medical based spas so the regular day spas must stay ahead of the beauty trends that crisscross the world. Today’s spa-goers are extremely savvy. Keeping up with social media is of vital importance today.
Peptides, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are the trifecta of popular ingredients. A growing number of women, and men, are more concerned about hyperpigmentation than lines and wrinkles.

To sum up SPAS of today we basically have three types:

  • European spas in Hungary, Romania, Baden Baden Germany, etc. focus on wellbeing.
  • Medical spas, focus on medical anti-aging treatments such as Botox, Fillers and lasers
  • Destination spas are famous for multi-function activities as well as spa services. Miraval in Arizona is one of the most famous and popular.
  • Day spas combine beauty with wellbeing. Complete services, from facials, hair, pedicure, waxing and massage… head to toe services.

SO HERE WE ARE… in 2017

Welcome to Mirela’s Spa. Mirelaspa.com

We invite you to visit our two outstanding day spas, in Palm Desert and La Quinta, where you can Relax, Rejuvenate and be Pampered .

We invite you to experience our beautiful and pampering world of total luxury.

  • For years, you have known us for our famous European Facials… and our signature ‘best in town’ skin & body treatments and techniques.
  • Our signature corrective skin care system, KARINA®, is also part of our passion for wellness… and yours!
  • Now, we offer guests yet another layer of luxury of total beauty – caring for your color! The new STRANDS Color Lounge is hosted by our team of hair color specialists who choose to work exclusively with the new global-inspired STRANDS Hair Color Collection.
  • The Mirela’s Spa du Jour refreshing guest color experience is all about superb new fashion choices in rich, vibrant, shining and lasting color.
  • Just ask your colorist about the fabulous low-ammonia (Reflections™) or ammonia-free (Color Lust™) formulas.
  • We proudly describe Mirela’s Spa du Jour as universal and unique in our total approach to beauty care.
  • Our respected spa estheticians, therapists and salon professionals are dedicated to just one goal: bringing out your beautiful best…

Head to toe…and from the inside out!
Come luxuriate in our world. You deserve it!

PALM DESERT at Palms to Pines Shopping Center
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Palm Desert, CA 93360
Phone: (760) 346-1991

LA QUINTA – One eleven Shopping Center
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Phone: (760) 564-6566

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